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  • Patented, Industry Leading Technology

    Only a Tritek machine can process the entire mail stream simultaneously on the same transport.

  • Tritek is THE Mail Processing Solution for Your Entire Mailstream

    Whatever your mail or scanning challenge, Tritek will provide a custom solution that is highly reliable and field-proven.

The Only Sorter You’ll Ever Need

Solutions for the entire mailstream.

Tritek Processes Inbound Mail, Presort Mail, Return Mail, barcode scanning, document imaging, Vote-by-Mail processed on the same machine!

Mixed Mail? No Problem!

Patented technology meets the challenge.

Magazines, postcards, letters, flats, newspapers, poly-wrapped pieces are all processed on the same transport! Scanned at over 300 dpi and stored with time date stamp.

Leading Edge, Field-Proven Patented Technology

With 12 issued US patents, Tritek remains a leader in developing and testing new technologies while incorporating best-existing ones to deliver highly configurable mail automation systems that meet diverse mail challenges

Who we are

Tritek is the ONLY machine you will ever need in your mailroom!

Tritek Technologies is THE solution for all of your mail scanning, imaging, processing and sorting requirements.

At Tritek, we understand that your mail processing equipment has to work fast, smart and right the first time. Real mail that arrives in everyone's mailbox is all sizes, shapes and thicknesses.
Only a Tritek machine can process the entire mail stream simultaneously on the same transport.

When we install your Tritek mail processing and imaging system, you can be confident you are getting a field-proven system that will improve your company’s mail handling cost- effectiveness and productivity.


“Tritek’s ability to customize their processes to meet our needs made them the winning team that earned our trust and led to the installation of their system at our facility.”

Mike McLaughlin, Elections Manager, Spokane County Elections