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Process Your Entire Mailstream on a Single Machine.


Correct Elect Vote by Mail

Exclusive patent lets you process Vote-by-Mail ballots  (See detailed brochure)


  • Tritek holds the exclusive patent on ballot method and apparatus to provide full audit trail, ballot process management and status reporting - Scans can be archived in color, gray-scale or black and white.
  • accurate signature verification reduces labor costs of manual or semi-automatic validation and improves regulatory and security compliance - Voters’ signatures are detected with barcodes and are verified against a database of registered voters.


Available in three configurations:

  1. An inbound sorter to support up to to 1024 bins, optional overhead mail tray racks and other sorting options.

  2. A portable system

  3. A desktop unit

These machines include real-time imaging, storing, printing of time and date in addition to properly sorting votes into correct precincts. Patented feeder technology allows smooth operations over a variety of mail types.