Tritek Correct Elect Vote by Mail Equipment

Tritek's Correct Elect ballot processing solutions are ensuring vote-by-mail accuracy across the United States

Field Proven, Patented Vote-by-Mail Technology

  • Automated or manual signature verification
  • In-line ballot opener
  • Thickness detection
  • Full audit trails to show authorization and time / date stamp for each verification
  • Reporting software on the number of signatures processed, number of batches processed, batches still requiring processing and much more
  • Integrates to voter registration database
  • Multiple workstations can be used simultaneously for review

Custom designed for any size office and can process small or large volumes of all types of ballot design. Read more!

The Only Sorter You’ll Ever Need

Solutions for the entire mailstream.

Tritek Processes Inbound Mail, Presort Mail, Return Mail, barcode scanning, document imaging, Vote-by-Mail processed on the same machine!

Mixed Mail? No Problem!

Patented technology meets the challenge.

Magazines, postcards, letters, flats, newspapers, poly-wrapped pieces are all processed on the same transport! Scanned at over 300 dpi and stored with time date stamp.

Leading Edge, Field-Proven Patented Technology

With over two dozen issued and pending US patents, Tritek remains a leader in developing and testing new technologies while incorporating best-existing ones to deliver highly configurable mail automation systems that meet diverse mail challenges.

Tritek will handle your Mail Forwarding, Email Delivery of Mail Items, Letters, Flats, Parcels

Onsite or offsite service available. 38 years of field proven solutions and technology