Your Mail and the Customer Experience

When companies consider customer experience (CX) initiatives, they rarely focus on postal mail. Websites, mobile apps, and chatbots get the most attention. But for most companies, communication through the mail is still a vital component of the overall customer relationship. Today we will consider how efficient outbound mail processing, inbound processing, and returned mail processing […]

Robots in Your Mailroom?

Will mailroom robotics someday route the mail? While the short answer is, “probably not anytime soon,” the reality is that, in the not-too-distant future, robots could play a role in routing or delivering employee mail at corporate mailrooms. Industrial robots have already made inroads within several industries, including some aspects of postal mail production and […]

5 Reasons to Automate Campus Mail Delivery

Campus mail center employees spend most of their time sorting incoming mail and attempting to deliver it to recipients scattered over a large geographical area. This is especially true now that many students and instructors are studying or teaching from home. Automated, rules-based sortation and electronic mail delivery can slash a university’s dependence on mail […]

Finally Fix the Returned Mail Problem

Stored somewhere in every mail center is an accumulation of mail that was undeliverable as addressed. The US Postal Service calls this UAA mail and returns such First Class pieces to the sender. Often, mail centers stack this mail in trays and shove it aside until someone has time to work on it–which never happens. […]

Complete Ballot Accountability

Until recent elections, the voting public rarely paid attention to how mail-in ballots were processed, verified, and submitted for tabulation. It just happened. The election results appeared on television way past your kid’s bedtime and that was that. Now, it seems everyone is concerned with this mostly administrative process. Election offices at any level relying […]

Employees are On the Move – How to Keep Up

Corporate and campus mail centers are continually challenged to deliver mail to the correct recipients even as they change jobs within the organization, move to a new building, relocate, or are replaced when they leave for other opportunities. The work-from-home workplace model and other changes brought about by the pandemic have made these tasks even […]

How Does Automated Ballot Processing Work?

Despite some voters and election boards questioning whether voting by mail in the 2020 presidential election was secure and efficient, the response was overwhelmingly positive. This comes as no surprise to those enrolled in the absentee voting program. Municipalities nationwide administer this program successfully. The difference between the past election and the next one is […]

The Changing Role of Corporate Mailrooms

Recently, many businesses have determined that investing in mailroom equipment, software, and labor may not be in the best interest of the organization. This has prompted a renewed interest in outsourcing mail center operations. Several forces are at work. Declining mail volumes, a dispersed workforce, and labor shortages have contributed to the trend. At the […]

One Machine for All Mailing Operations

Single-purpose mailing machines are good investments for organizations with enough volume to keep the equipment operating. For smaller companies, an investment in equipment dedicated to a single operation is cost-prohibitive. But small businesses still need to mail. According to the National Federation of Independent Business, most small businesses spend $338 per month on postage—about $4,000 […]

5 Questions Election Officials Ask About Vote-by-Mail

Since the 2020 general election, vote-by-mail has been a hot topic. People who previously had nothing to do with mailed communications suddenly became advocates or opponents of the methods counties and other jurisdictions used to receive and count ballots. Much of the information on which people base their opinions comes from sources with little understanding […]