Digital Email Delivery

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    Tritek Technologies seamlessly scans images, and archives incoming mail and prioritizes important mail pieces from everyday junk mail like advertisements, magazines, and more.

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    Delivers critical mail directly to designated recipients and securely disposes of unwanted mail.

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    Employees instruct the mailroom whether to:

    • A) Forward the mail piece
    • B) Destroy the mail piece, or open the envelope, scan the contents and email

    the scanned documents to them or put them on a dedicated, secure server where they can access them at any time.

The Future of Inbound Mail is Changing

Tritek OASIS

Configured to your needs

Tritek has solutions for any size mailroom or facility and will provide custom mail processing applications and equipment for your requirements.

Mail is streamlined

Regardless of high or low mail volume, Tritek Technologies streamlines your mail processes dramatically.

Technology is safe and secure

Tritek easily processes mail in in your mailroom, or our off-site facility. Our technology is safe, secure, and trusted throughout industries and government agencies all over the country

Mail Processing Solutions

  • The Only Sorter You’ll Ever Need

    Solutions for the entire mailstream.

    Tritek processes inbound mail, presort mail, return mail, document imaging, and vote-by-mail processed on the same machine!

  • Mixed Mail? No Problem!

    Patented technology meets the challenge.

    Magazines, postcards, letters, flats, newspapers, poly-wrapped pieces are all processed on the same transport! Scanned at over 300 dpi and stored with time date stamp!

  • Leading Edge, Field-Proven Patented Technology

    With over two dozen issued and pending U.S. and European patents, Tritek remains a leader in developing and testing new technologies while incorporating best-existing ones to deliver highly configurable mail automation systems that meet diverse mail challenges.