The Compact Elite

The Compact Elite is designed for email processing and imaging. The scan area enables complete front and back side imaging. These images are stored, time and date stamped for records retention or email delivery. The small footprint Compact Elite features large scale imaging in a compact machine size.

Nomad - High Resolution Portable Document Scanner

The Nomad is portable plugs into 120V AC receptacles and can read any type of document. It handles odd shapes such as handwritten notes, forms, or letters and any thickness ranging from single sheets to magazines.

Tritek Compact

The Tritek Compact Series Equipment features a small footprint size for letter mail, flats and document processing. The compact design allows for large imaging over 300 dots per inch scanned omni directionally. Tritek’s 12” inch by 17” inch scan area enables entire 8.5” by 11” inch documents to be scanned. It also scans legal sized documents.

The Tritek ACE Work Station

The Tritek ACE work station is designed to process parcels, flats and letters. ACE Work Station operation is simple, fast, and reliable. Operators place an item on the platform while overhead camera reads the mail piece which is displayed on the touch screen computer. After the item is read the operator touches the red print button and a label is printed for that mail item. The weight and postage rate is calculated as the manifest data is stored for USPS discount reporting.

  • No matter how you flip it, Tritek equipment can read it, sort it, store it and track it
  • Process letters or flats in up to 1024 USPS mail bins
  • Reads OCR, barcodes, type, script font and handwritten addresses
Presort Mail (Weighing, Labeling and Manifesting)
  • Process flats, letters, and mixed mail (postcards, letters, flats, magazines, newspapers)
  • USPS MASS certified processing allows for presort discounts
  • Customize configurations to your needs: weighing, labeling, manifesting, barcoding, report printing, trays or bundles
Digital Email Delivery

An ideal solution for when you are out of the office and need to retrieve your mail. The Tritek Digital Email System is designed to deliver email notification of inbound mail to its recipients, as it is received each day, for internal company-mail distribution. You can also use the Tritek Digital Email System to deliver by email scanned images of contents of any mail piece.

Return Mail
  • Tritek equipment can expunge bad addresses from your database to save on future postage expenses
  • Easily interfaces with FastForward for move updates
  • Tritek has successfully operated a return mail facility for 15 years, processing mail for Chase, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley.
Correct Elect Vote by Mail

Exclusive patent lets you process Vote-by-Mail ballots
(See detailed brochure)

  • Tritek holds the exclusive patent on ballot method and apparatus to provide full audit trail, ballot process management and status reporting. Scans can be archived in color, gray-scale or black and white.
  • Accurate signature verification reduces labor costs of manual or semi-automatic validation and improves regulatory and security compliance. Voters’ signatures are detected with barcodes and are verified against a database of registered voters.