Tritek ‘Correct Elect’ Vote-by-Mail Equipment

Your custom solution for processing
Vote-by-Mail ballots

Tritek has field-proven, patented Vote-By-Mail technology at work in numerous counties.

We custom design and build Vote-By-Mail solutions that will fit inside any sized office and can process small or large volumes of all types of ballot designs.

Tritek holds the exclusive patent on ballot method and apparatus to provide full audit trail, ballot process management and status reporting. Scans can be archived in color, grayscale or black and white. Accurate signature verification reduces labor costs of manual or semi-automatic validation and improves regulatory and security compliance. Voters’ signatures are detected with barcodes and are verified against a data-base of registered voters. Portable and desktop systems are available in addition to equipment that includes any desired number of sort bins.

Tritek’s Vote-by-Mail Processing Systems Features:

  • Signature Detection
  • Signature Verification
  • Optional overhead tray racks
  • Full audit trails to show authorization and time/date stamp for each verification
  • Minimal signature verification time
  • Up-to-date reports on the number of signatures processed, number of batches pro-cessed, batches still needing processing, and much more
  • Multiple workstations can be used simultaneously for review
  • Ability to require multiple verification for signatures

For more details about Tritek’s field proven solutions, please call 302-239-1638