Digital Email Delivery

An ideal solution for when you are out of the office and need to retrieve your mail.  The Tritek Digital Email System is designed to deliver email notification of inbound mail to its recipients, as it is received each day, for internal company-mail distribution. You can also use the Tritek Digital Email System to deliver by email scanned images of contents of any mail piece.

The Tritek Digital Email System:

  • Scans and captures images of both sides of an incoming mail piece
  • Stores each image in a TIFF, JPEG, or PDF file
  • Labels each image with the time and date received
  • Labels each image with a unique identification number

The Tritek Digital Email System is available in various configuration and depending on the configuration, a Tritek Digital Email System can either sort the mail into a holding tub for future mail piece scanning or automatically sort the mail for in-house mail carrier delivery.