No matter how you flip it, Tritek equipment can read it, sort it, store it and track it.

The Tritek sorting machine is designed to read the address of all mail pieces regardless of what direction they are fed into our machine.  Tritek has the only mail processing equipment that can read envelopes, magazines, newspapers, poly-wrapped pieces in any direction in a 12” x 17” viewing area, without adjustments, even on the front and backside of the mail piece!  The recognition software captures an image of the entire document in grayscale. (Other reading applications can be integrated if desired.)  The image can then be stored and tracked.

Process letters or flats in up to 1024 USPS mail bins

Tritek’s patented transport is the only machine that can process postcards, letters, flats and newspapers and sort them into your custom configuration of bins – up to 1024.

Reads OCR, barcodes, type, script font and handwritten addresses

All of our sorters feature advanced Optical Character Recognition and bar code printing capabilities which enable our systems to automate even hand written addresses and to print the destination bar code on the mail piece during the sorting process.  Whether your inbound mail address is typed or handwritten, Tritek’s sorting machine can easily read and sort for you!  We have the most advanced “read technology” to interpret script fonts and handwritten addresses.

Sample 1: 

Bill Smith (all typed fonts)
145 Main Street
Washington, DC 20009

Sample 2:

Mr. Bill Smith (handwritten)
145 Main Street
Washington, DC 20009

Proprietary recognition software can recognize OmniFont machine print, hand writing, script, a variety of barcodes including Postnet, UPC Codes, Code 128 and Code 39, Omni-Directional address block location reading and handprint recognition, return mail processing.