Tritek Ace Work Station

The Tritek ACE work station is designed to process parcels, flats and letters. The system automatically reads addresses and performs the following:

When used for incoming mail:

  • Database match and look-up
  • Label printing with delivery information
  • Barcoding for tracking of mail pieces or parcels
  • Return mail processing
  • Mail forwarding
  • Research mail for generically addressed mail pieces
  • Touch screen computer for easy operation
  • Windows Software

Tritek Incoming Look-Up Database:

Tritek Incoming Mail Software allows many options to sort incoming mail.  This document describes the basic system as well as options that allow for greater customization.

Names Only:

In this option, a customer provides a database of names and destinations in a standard format (such as EXCEL or CSV format). Sample database extract:

When processing by names only, the Tritek system will locate an address (in any orientation), and search for all names in the names database.  In addition to full name matches (e.g., James R Johnson), the Tritek system can automatically match to nicknames (e.g., ‘Jim Johnson’ for ‘James R Johnson’, or ‘Jenn Smith’ for ‘Jennifer Louise Smith’).  The system can also use the middle name as tie-breakers.  For instance, if there are two James Johnsons in your database, the Tritek system will only match to one if the middle name (or initial) can be identified.

Rules and Names:

Adding Tritek Rule Editor and Rule matching software provides another level of matching.  With the rule editing software, the customer can specify how certain phrases in the address are used (in addition to names matching).  For instance, addresses containing ‘Accounting’, ‘Accounts Receivable’, or ‘Invoice’ can be sent to the accounting office.  Sample rules:

Tritek’s rule matching is able to handle very complex matching.  For instance, an address that contains the phrases ‘Contracts’ and ‘8th Floor’ could go to Legal Main Office and an address that contains the phrases ‘Contracts’ and ‘3rd Floor’ could go to Vice President of Sales.

Additional Customization:

In addition to the sorting describe above, Tritek can provide customized features for a wide variety of mail processing.  For instance, street addresses, room numbers, and/or departments could be used as tie-breakers to distinguish mail for duplicate names (e.g., John Smith). The software can also provide custom printing and reports.

When used for presorting:

  • USPS manifesting / weighing
  • Prints label for each processed mail item
  • Touch screen computer
  • Automated Tritek address block OCR reader
  • Operator keying when required
  • USPS U-Move Fast Forwarding
  • DRS look-up for USPS Presort discounts
  • IMB – Intelligent Mail barcode printed on label manually affixed to item

ACE Work Station operation is simple, fast, and reliable. Operators place an item on the platform while overhead camera reads the mail piece which is displayed on the touch screen computer. After the item is read the operator touches the red print button and a label is printed for that mail item. The weight and postage rate is calculated as the manifest data is stored for USPS discount reporting.

Scale – Red accept button – Touch Screen Terminal – Zebra Printer

Features include:

  • Automatic address block reading
  • Look-up to database
  • OCR recognition software
  • Zebra Label Printer (prints Label with delivery information)
  • Touch screen computer

Optional Features:

  • Barcode reading (Code 128, I2of5, Code39, 4 state, data matrix and others)
  • DRS Software (MASS Certified)
  • Fast Forward (U-Move)
  • Pennsylvania Scale